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Title: The Paper Bag Princess

Author: Robert Munsch

Illustrator: Michael Martchenko

Publisher/Copyright: Annick Press, 1980

Genre: Fantasy Format: Picture Book

Awards: National Parenting Publications Award, 2006 Gold Book Ages 6 & Up

Summary:  This is a twisted tale of a princess having to rescue her groom-to-be from a fire-breathing, castle-destroying, prince-stealing dragon. All she can find to wear for her journey is a paper bag but she uses her intellect to outsmart the dragon and rescue the prince. It turns out he wasn’t worth marrying after all.

Description of Illustrations: Colorful ink and watercolor illustrations complement the story and help bring the paper bag princess to life.

Personal Response: One of the books main attributes is that it is unique from other prince and princess stories. The princess is the hero and decides to give up her prize (the prince) anyway. The message is clear; brains over brawn and beauty on the inside are important concepts. 

Classroom Connection: This is a fun story to read aloud and could be used to inspire students to make their own paper bag shirts, dresses, or hats. It could also be used to spur a discussion about using intelligence to solve a problem or defeat an obstacle.

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